Australia's economic future - an agenda for growth


Released on 14 June 2016, CEDA's major research report examines how to repair Australia's economic structures and drive a growth agenda.

 Download: Australia's economic future: an agenda for growth
Read media release: CEDA report out today identifies 10 priority areas to drive economic growth  

If Australia is to experience ongoing economic prosperity it needs to find new sources of employment and income. This may be a challenge for the nation as many of the productivity gains and expanded export opportunities developed outside of the mining sector during the 1990s have declined. Further, the parts of the economy not exposed to international competition have experienced rapid price rises, undermining the competitiveness of trade-exposed sectors and limiting their capacity to act as sources of innovation.

CEDA’s major report for 2016, Australia's economic future: an agenda for growth provides recommendations across 10 key areas:

  • Innovation
  • Competition policy
  • Climate change
  • Education
  • Workforce participation   
  • Infrastructure
  • Workplace relations
  • Federalism
  • Fiscal resilience
  • Tax reform

CEDA Advisory Group

The report was developed with the input from an Economic Reform Expert Group, chaired by the CEDA National Chairman, Paul McClintock AO. The Economic Reform Expert Group comprises the following participants:

Paul McClintock AO  Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin
Angus Armour Professor Gary Banks AO
The Hon. John Brumby Dr John Edwards 
Saul Eslake Professor Roy Green
Professor Ian Harper Professor John Hewson
John Langoulant AO Catherine Livingstone
Dr Rodney Maddock Dr Kerry Schott AO
Professor Greg Smith Diane Smith-Gander
Andrew Stevens Dr Ziggy Switkowski
Dr Ian Watt AO Professor Beth Webster
Professor Glenn Withers AO  

Report release events

Events across Australia will be held to coincide with the launch of this research.

Melbourne | 14 June 2016 Brisbane | 23 June 2016
Adelaide | 20 June 2016 Sydney | 24 June 2016
Perth | 24 June 2016  


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