Deficit to balance: budget repair options


CEDA released a research report in March 2016 which examines how Australia can balance the books and repair the budget


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Read media release: Federal Budget surplus can be achieved by 2018-19 and must be a priority

Read speech from CEDA National Chairman Paul McClintock National Press Club Address

Deficit to balance: budget repair options provides an assessment and model revenue and expenditure policies to recommend a menu of options to bring the Federal budget into balance.

Balanced Budget Commission

To oversee the recommendations, CEDA’s Board formed the Balanced Budget Commission that drew together high level experts from government, academia and the private sector,  consisting of:

Paul McClintock AO  Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin 
Dr Rodney Maddock Dr John Edwards 
Angus Armour John Langoulant AO
Su McCluskey Fabienne Michaux
Terry Moran AC Helen Silver AO
Dr Ian Watt AO  Dr Mike Keating AC

The scope of the Balanced Budget Commission was to develop a menu of options that would be fiscally and politically palatable and offer genuine solutions for returning the Federal Budget to balance as soon as possible, with a target for balance to be achieved by 2018–19.

Deficit to balance: budget repair options sets out why CEDA decided to tackle this issue, its urgency and the process adopted by the Balanced Budget Commission in developing the menu of options for repairing the Federal Budget.

What is the Balanced Budget Commission?

Why did CEDA undertake this research?

What conversations need to happen for budget repair to occur?

Why is this research more than just a statement on the Budget deficit?

Report launch: National Press Club Address

This report will be launched at a special event in Canberra at the National Press Club on 29 March 2016 with an address from CEDA Chairman, Paul McClintock AO. This address will examine the budget fiscal problem and outline a package of options that can return the Federal Budget to surplus by 2018-19 and beyond. Mr McClintock will outline the budget balance commission recommendations, and clear options for changes to expenditure and revenue that are both fiscally and politically viable.

Report release events

Events will follow around Australia to coincide with the launch of this report.  

Melbourne | 7 April 2016 Adelaide | 13 April 2016
Sydney | 14 April 2016 Brisbane | 19 April 2016
Perth | 21 April 2016  

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