Celebrating 50 Years


A proven track record, delivering on the issues that matter for over 50 years

CEDA has been shaping independent policy debate in Australia for over 50 years.

CEDA's golden jubilee in 2010 was marked by a year of celebrations of the people and ideas who have shaped CEDA and its contribution to the progress of policy in Australia.

CEDA: Celebrating 50 Years - the book


CEDA: Celebrating 50 Years is a unique portrait of the people and ideas that have shaped 50 years of independent public policy discussion in Australia.

The book features interviews with well-known Australians from business, political and academic life who have been involved with CEDA for a long time.

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Other activities

  • A short book on CEDA's founder, respected economist and diplomat Sir Douglas Copland.
  • video message message from then Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott.
  • A video of Geoff Allen AM, then CEDA's Chairman, discussing why 50 years of CEDA is an occasion to celebrate.